Presurgical Language fMRI: Mapping of Six Critical Regions

This page contains links to a set of commonly-used fMRI language tasks, referenced in the manuscript "Presurgical language fMRI: Clinical practices and patient outcomes in epilepsy surgical planning" (link to be added on publication). Language fMRI should of course be used only by individuals with sufficient training, such as imaging neuropsychologists, radiologists, clinical neuroscientists, or neurologists with equivalent expertise.

Note that due to copyright reasons, these tasks are slightly modified from those presented in the paper.  Both standard versions, and updated versions, are included.

All tasks here run on Neurobehavioral Systems' Presentation, in Windows on a PC or a Mac.

For further details of the tasks, their validity, and the analysis used please see the manuscript.


Guidelines for clinical fMRI

Multiple professional organizations have published guidelines regarding the application of fMRI in the clinic.


Tasks: Evidence and downloads.

Further description of key tasks is available here.


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