Language fMRI ("Research fMRI")

Epilepsy program patients are often referred for a research language functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan (fMRI) with the research group of Todd Constable. fMRI lets us look at brain function, and in particular see what parts of the brain are involved in allowing you to speak and use language.  This research fMRI is separate to any language MRI you have had before, and it is coordinated Colleen Malone, who you can contact through neurosurgery.  The MRI scan itself is typically run on the day by Jagriti Arora, Paulina Henriquez-Rojas MD and Christopher Benjamin PhD.

You will need to allow 3-3.5 hours from your appointment.  In the first 30-60 minutes you will complete a practice version of the tasks, which simply involves looking at pictures, reading and listening to words.  You will then complete the fMRI, which uses magnetism to take images of your brain's activity.  We take a number of different images with the fMRI, with lots of breaks between.  This takes 90-120 minutes.  Afterwards we will spend 15 minutes discussing how the fMRI went, reviewing the tasks, and doing some pencil and paper tasks.  

When you enter the building (The Anlyan Center; TAC) please let reception know that you are arriving for a research fMRI; they will direct you to the seating area where we will meet you.  

Please be sure to look over the MRI screening form (English; Spanish) and consent form before you attend to confirm you can have the fMRI.  

If you answer any of the questions in the affirmative please contact Christopher Benjamin (tel. 203.785.4085) to confirm we can go ahead.



The Anlyan Center (TAC)
300 Cedar Street
New Haven, CT, 06520