Preparing for neuropsychological assessment


Yale Neuropsychology is a division of Yale Neurology.  The clinic is at:

Yale Physician's Building,
800 Howard Avenue, Lower Level
New Haven CT 06519

Tel. 203.785.4085


You will need to allow 4 to 6 hours for assessment, but this may take a little shorter or longer as needed. During this time we will discuss your history and complete tasks to form a profile of your different thinking skills.

If you wear them, be sure to bring your glasses!  Likewise hearing aids.

Substance use can influence test results so that assessment results cannot be used.  For this reason please do not use any substances in the week prior (other than prescribed medication), and do not drink alcohol for the 24 hours prior.

Finally, you will receive an information packet in the mail which reviews your history.  You can also download a copy here. If you do so please either forward it to our confidential fax (203.785.6901) or bring it to your appointment.

Please also visit the Yale Neurology website or call directly if you have any questions (tel. 203.785.4085).