Neuropsychology: Key epilepsy readings


An overview of the role of neuropsychology in epilepsy. Includes discussion of test battery selection, establishing a service, and a template report. 

Likely the best single text on the neuropsychology of epilepsy. It includes detailed articles by leading clinician-researchers in many critical areas including–

  • The validity of neuropsychological tests used in epilepsy;

  • An overview of the evidence for the Wada test, and discussion of the best-validated protocol;

  • A detailed discussion of clinical fMRI;

  • A detailed review of direct cortical stimulation mapping procedures.

If your library has access to SpringerLink, you can get a reading copy for around $25-30 USD.

How common are cognitive changes after temporal lobectomy?

These data apply only to standard anterior temporal resections (e.g., not laser therapy), but form an extremely valuable review of good quality studies estimating reliable change on cognitive tasks.

Can we predict, at a subject-specific level, changes in language after temporal lobectomy?

Yes, using object naming skill as a proxy for ‘language’ more generally.

Well, can you predict which hemisphere seizures come from using language tasks?

Yes, you can predict which side a surgical team will treat surgically.