Derivatives: Analyses (results) for study 1

The analysis folders hold the analyzed data for a given study. These will then be used for one or more analyses. There will be multiple analysis folders (one per analysis or study). In our lab we sequence them by study number (01, 02...) , and they include, for instance:

  • res-01: The standard clinical analysis pipeline.
  • res-02: Analysis for the omfmri study.


Folder names are specific to Benjamin lab.

Item                     Description
README [file] [plain text] [Optional]. This is user-defined. It contains any information researchers consider necessary.
sub-[x]/ses-[y]/ [folder] [Required]. One such folder is required for each participant. This holds the minimally preprocessed data for each participant / session.

Note: Full details available at BIDS website; the full specification is definitive.