The derivatives directory stores all processed data (the output of all preprocessing, and all analyses). Each analysis or study will have its own directory, and may have an accompanying 'preproc' folder holding preprocessed data. It also stores a folder holding elemental image processing (e.g., image origin-correction) which produces basic files to be used in any preprocessing pipeline.

Per the specification–

'Derivatives of the raw data (other than products of DICOM to NIfTI conversion) MUST be kept separate from the raw data. This way one can protect the raw data from accidental changes by file permissions. In addition it is easy to distinguish partial results from the raw data and share the latter.'



Folder names are specific to Benjamin lab.

Item Description
README [file] [plaint text] [Optional]. This is user-defined. It contains any information researchers consider necessary.
preproc_core [folder] [Optional]. This folder contains images that have been processed to allow standard preprocessing. Examples include origin correction, skull stripping, and registration to atlas space.
preproc_[study] [folder] [Optional]. This holds the preprocessed data for study [study].
  (Repeated for each unique preprocessing stream)
analysis_[study] [folder] [Optional]. This the analyzed data for study, or analysis-type, 'study.'
  (Repeated for each unique analysis stream)

Note: Full details available at BIDS website; the full specification is definitive.