Commmon derivatives: Preprocessing

This is not a standard folder in the BIDS hierarchy, though it may become so in the future. It holds nifti images that have undergone elementary preprocessing for each case, and which will then be used in standard analysis pipelines. Examples include images that have undergone origin correction, skull stripping, registration, or transformation to MNI152 space.

It holds one folder per subject, with one folder session. In presurgical language fMRI, the vast majority of folders will likely have a single session.


Item                     Description
README [file] [plain text] [Optional]. This is user-defined. It contains any information researchers consider necessary.
sub-[x]/ses-[y]/ [folder] [Required]. One such folder is required for each participant. This holds the minimally preprocessed data for each participant / session.

Note: Full details available at BIDS website; the full specification is definitive.