Christopher Benjamin, Ba, Ma (Clin. Neuro), PhD

Dr. Benjamin is a clinical neuropsychologist and Assistant Professor in Yale Neurology and Neurosurgery. He completed his PhD training in neuropsychology at the University of Melbourne, Australia and his research fellowship training at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.  He was a clinical fellow at University of California Los Angeles where he was the epilepsy fellow and Chief Fellow in neuropsychology. He currently works clinically as a member of Yale's Comprehensive Epilepsy Center where he also contributes language fMRI mapping.

Isha Dhingra, MD, MBBS

Isha completed her residency in Psychiatry from Grant Medical College in Mumbai, India, in 2016. She is now a Visiting Research Scientist at Yale and is involved in designing functional MRI tasks to assess memory, and in collecting and analysing fMRI data under Dr. Benjamin's mentorship. Her research focus is pre-surgical assessment of memory for patients with epilepsy. She wishes to pursue a PhD in Neuroscience and a career in translational research. She also enjoys reading and writing, dry humor, music, film, food, friends, pets and stationery. 


Michael Vanderlind, MS, MPhil

Michael received his BS in Psychology in 2011 from The University of Texas at Austin. He is currently a PhD student in the clinical psychology program at Yale University, where he works with Dr. Jutta Joormann. His research utilizes multiple methods (e.g., eye-tracking, psychophysiology, and EEG) to identify cognitive and affective risk factors for the onset of major depression. Through 2017-18 Michael is completing a combined clinical-research practicum in neuropsychology under the supervision of Dr. Benjamin.


Nina Ferrero

Nina is a sophomore at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI pursuing a major in Psychology. She is Vice President of the Psychology club on campus and part of a research team helping with tasks for the Association for Psychological Science convention in Boston. Her areas of interest include Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychology, and Human Factors Psychology. In 2017 she is an extern assisting on studies of language and memory, and identifying resources for patients with epilepsy.